What am I ?

I am non living.
I work by electricity.
I have wires and cables at the back.
I have a remote for me that has buttons on it.
There are lots of me in different houses.
I have a screen with lots of pictures and colours on me.

What am I?

My Alien!

This is my slimy alien. His name is Slummy. He came from Planet Slummbeya and he came to Earth because the planet that he came from got sucked into a black hole! But instead of landing in Australia he landed in Spain and called Spain Slummbeya. We are very good friends now. Slummy has black spiky hair and every time he tries to put his hair down it just flings up, every time. Next he has very pointy ears that look like elf ears. They are so pointy that you could poke someone’s eye’s out. Slummy has three huge eyes that have dark black pimples in his eyes. Just  above his eyes there’s a great big eyebrow that is even longer then a pencil. Then he has a fancy nose which is shaped like a triangle except the pointy bit at the top is chipped off and turned around. After that there are these green slimy cheeks that glow in the dark. My alien has green gooey square teeth that are attached to this brilliant smile. The colour of his head is red.

All about me

  1. I have a brother called Connall.
  2. My brother is nine.
  3. My brother’s class is next door to me.
  4. I have a mum and dad.
  5. My mum is called Angela and my dad is called Peter.
  6. My mum works at school and my dad works at Western Power.
  7. I used to have a kitten called Lilly.
  8. And that’s all about me!